Enforcing animal cruelty criminal laws is a challenge, particularly in a county without organized animal services. Victims of animal cruelty must be euthanized or housed, vetted and ultimately adopted out. In a criminal cruelty case, the animals are evidence.  As such, they must be preserved.  Because they are alive, this preservation is called rescue.

In 2015, the Assistant District Attorney serving Jefferson County was faced with the seizure of four dogs incident to a felony cruelty case. Two of these four were capable of rehabilitation.  Having no government resources available to assist with care of the dogs, the prosecutor launched a non-profit initiative to facilitate the rescue of these dogs. This initiative became known as FACTS Jefferson, which stands for Felony Animal Cruelty Team Support.

FACTS (Felony Animal Cruelty Team Support) is a team of volunteers who support the needs of animals seized by law enforcement in connection with animal cruelty investigations in Jefferson County, Georgia.