The mission of FACTS Jefferson is as follows:

  • To support enforcement of animal cruelty laws in Jefferson County, GA.
  • To facilitate vetting, foster and adoption of animals seized in cruelty cases.
  • To educate Jefferson County residents on humane companion animal care.

Although FACTS Jefferson has taken in strays from the county, resources are primarily allocated to victims of animal cruelty seized by law enforcement. We are not a substitute for stray dog animal control services. We are, however, open to working with county leadership to improve conditions for all companion animals in Jefferson County, GA.

Dottie, one of the first FACTS rescues. Adopted: Fall, 2014
Dottie, before and after

FACTS (Felony Animal Cruelty Team Support) is a team of volunteers who support the needs of animals seized by law enforcement in connection with animal cruelty investigations in Jefferson County, Georgia.