Case Histories


In September 2020, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office was requested to investigate at a property in the north end of the county where one dog lay deceased, having been chained to a tree.  The Sheriff’s Office discovered six other dogs surviving intolerable conditions.  On a day where the heat index was in excess of 100 degrees, three of those dogs were tethered without access to water.  Three others were locked inside of an abandoned trailer also without access to water.

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Jefferson County Code enforcement condemned the property and the six survivors were impounded and taken to the McDuffie Animal Hospital for care.  Two of the adults are heart worm positive, which will require a costly and risky treatment.  All six dogs were undernourished.

The Sheriff’s Office issued animal cruelty warrants for the person deemed responsible for the care of these animals and those charges are currently pending.

As of September 11, 2020, the dogs remain in the custody of the Sheriff’s Office awaiting owner surrender or other action by the Superior Court of Jefferson County.  The projected cost of care, to heal these animals and get them ready for adoption (which shall include full vaccinations, elimination of all parasites – including heart worms, and spay/neuter) is in excess of $5000.

Although the State of Georgia will seek reimbursement to the Sheriff’s Office for these costs of care through any sentence imposed, the payment of those sums may take years.  Additionally, as is sometimes the case, the sentenced individual may willfully refuse to pay court ordered sums and will accept confinement sanctions in lieu of payment.

Ultimately, the Sheriff’s ability to respond to animal cruelty calls effectively – which means delivering those animals who suffer into humane care and adoptive homes – depends on its ability to keep up with the extraordinary costs of care and housing of live evidence.

FACTS was created and exists to raise money to cover these costs so as to enable the Sheriff’s Office to continue to do the good work its deputies are called to do.

Please consider donating to FACTS toward the payment of costs of care for the September Six.

If and when the Court allows for the animals to be moved into court-approved foster homes, FACTS will assist with that transition as well. FACTS  is hopeful this ruling will come by September 24, 2020.

FACTS works with reputable area rescues to find loving homes for all animals brought in as evidence in criminal cases in Jefferson County.  This is sometimes achieved through local adoptions and sometimes through transports to other areas of the country where there is higher demand for companion animals.


In February 2015, the Wadley Police Department intervened to rescue Miss Belle from inhumane conditions.  Her former owner was criminally prosecuted and she was taken into a FACTS foster home. FACTS had her treated for a heart worm infestation and Miss Belle patiently endured the month long ordeal of Immiticide treatment, which required her to be on strict kennel rest for several weeks.

Miss Belle on her day of rescue, in foster and the day of transport
Day of Rescue – In foster – Day of Transport
Miss Belle in her home in New England
Miss Belle in her home in New England

Miss Belle transported to NEAS, where she had complications from the heart worm infection.  In Nov 2015, Miss Belle’s foster mom received word from her family in New England.

Belle is a beauty just like you said in your note.  She is so gentle and loving.  It pains me to think of what deplorable conditions she was living in prior to reaching you.  Thank goodness for people like yourself and the fine police officer who found her.
We have had Belle home here with us on medical leave from the shelter since first meeting her July 4th weekend. Belle had some issues with her heart worm treatment.  She was just medically cleared of heart worm on October 18th and we were then able to finalize her adoption. We live in Massachusetts, in a quiet town called Hanover.
We have a large back yard and a lovely tree lined neighborhood to take Belle and our other dog Lola for walks. Here is a recent picture of Belle.  She really is gorgeous.  We can’t thank you enough for coming to her rescue.  Please know that she is in a very loving home and well cared for.  We love Belle and feel so blessed to have found her at NEAS.
Thank you! All my best, Paula


Sandy is a FACTS rescue finally living the happily ever after all dogs deserve. One night, a would-be intruder into Sandy’s new home was stopped in his tracks when Sandy heard his attempted break in and alerted her new family. Although the burglar got away – he did not get in, thanks to Sandy!




Murdock (formerly Petey) and his brother Peanut were discovered – mangey, bald and starving – alongside their brother Pee-wee on the near the recreation department in Louisville.  Pee-wee had been hit by a car and after emergency vet care, has to be put to sleep. Murdock and Petey went into a FACTS foster and after healing up, transported to Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, Massachusetts.  Murdock struck family gold when he joined Adam & Anna — the A Team!


FACTS (Felony Animal Cruelty Team Support) is a team of volunteers who support the needs of animals seized by law enforcement in connection with animal cruelty investigations in Jefferson County, Georgia.