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Notes from his foster mom: “It’s hard to write something small about Scotch, he is so wonderful and has come so far since I first picked him up to foster over 6 months ago. He was so terrified, and squealed in fear if you even touched his head, but those days are long gone and he has finally come out of his shell. Scotch is now a rather calm puppy of almost a year of age with the sweetest, quirkiest personality. He loves to chase butterflies and grasshoppers. Scotch will also do anything for some chicken.


As I write this, he is currently curled up at my feet, something I never thought I’d get to see when I first got him. He has learned to trust again, and I’m praying that someone will give him the opportunity to open up and show his new family what an amazing dog he has become.” Butterscotch is fully vetted, neutered, and great with children and other dogs.


He is ready for adoption through Please text 678-221-1413 if you are interested in adopting this sweet dog. 



FACTS (Felony Animal Cruelty Team Support) is a team of volunteers who support the needs of animals seized by law enforcement in connection with animal cruelty investigations in Jefferson County, Georgia.